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Days of Mofarn. | Dance
Nimble fingers slipped the record into the record player releasing a tune that painted the dimly-lit, cozy living room into a large, spacious ballroom. A woman hugged herself and began to sway back and forth, small, light feet stepping in time to the piano and violin. Tachy Mofarn rhythmically stepped through the sea of dancing couples dressed ever so elegantly - the women in their silk and velvet gowns and the men in their linen suits and fine tuxedos. Tachy gracefully opened her arms and began to twirl in the center of "her ballroom" ignoring the other guests stares of awe and admiration.
She was about to move to a lone male guest to ask him to dance a waltz with her but a chuckling and clapping stopped her. Turning, she saw her husband, Nel Mofarn, smiling down at her. She too giggled and twirled into his arms. Taking his wife into his strong and sturdy arms, Nel lead her out onto the dance floor and began a new waltz, as the orchestra had switched to a different tune, this one more
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Dear Dad.
Dear Dad,
From the moment I came off of that plane and was placed in your arms,
(even though I was an oblivious baby at the time)
I felt safe;
I felt like I was truly home.
I've had a tough twenty-something years. But you know what? I don't care.
I don't care because I've got you to support me, cheer me on,
and tease me to death until my frown turns upside down,
and I'm a giggling mess squirming in your strong arms.
We've been through a lot, Dad, you and I.
From my first time on the beach in Chincoteague
to Moon Rides in the backyard.
From my first cleft-palate operation
to my asthma attack during that Easter Vigil Mass.
From my bouts of depression and sadness
to my first fainting episode in high school.
Throughout all of our small fights to our sunny days,
You've been there for me every step of the way.
I'll never forget you, Daddy Wad.
You're the best Dad a young woman like me could ever have.
And I mean that! I'm being 1,000,000,000% sincere.
Yes, I love my birth
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Dialogue for Yung Ae's original series: Kiddo
Palantir: Hello, Jesse. It is a pleasure to speak with you. You don`t know me, but I am most certainly aware of you.
Main chara: What is this? Who are you?
Palantir: Patience. All good things come to those who wait.
Main chara: [Pause.]
Palantir: Good. Your recent accomplishment has caught my attention, and I am impressed that there is someone else here of a similar caliber of intelligence as I. However, from time to time, you will not have the resources you require, and that is where I will come in to assist you.
Main chara: What do you get from this?
Palantir: What did I say about patience? Anyway, in return, you will do something for me. Nothing large like murder, just small favors, such as package deliveries and message sending. And no one will know of your involvement. Deal?
Main chara: I don`t know. I don`t know who are, but I know you`re someone shady.
Palantir: Hate to say this, my dear, but there will always be someone shady in this line of work. Just ask your missing father,
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don't tell them anything
watching her every moment.
people scrutinizing her every move.
judging whatever flew out of her mouth.
she felt it.
heard it.
saw it.
the one place she found security
- sanction -
was a world created all her own.
she surrounded herself with walls.
was careful to seal them up;
was careful to block the spies
from looking in;
was careful to keep the spies
from finding her weakness.
she made sure to not get caught off-guard.
hiding was what she became good at;
faking her emotions became second nature;
pretended that everything was okay.
inside she was broken.
it came to a point where
she could no longer trust;
she was afraid to trust;
if she trusted, then she'd make a friend.
but making friends was what lead to betrayal.
the "friend" would see her vulnerable
and leave her to suffer;
the "friend" would ignore her;
the "friend" would turn on her.
therefore, she kept quiet.
she bottled her frustration;
she refused to let others
help her.
she refused to let love in.
she hoped and prayed that t
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Mature content
can't sleep. :iconnamxlxss:namxlxss 8 9
TAOCW: Meeting the Palantir
Meeting the Palantír
Cherish Monica Woods, or “Cherry” as everyone called her, was spread-eagled on her plush, twin-mattress bed covered with sheets, blankets, pillows and obsolete teen fashion magazines from a bazillion years ago. She stared, bored, up at a ceiling speckled with glow-in-the-dark star stickers of various sizes that weren`t glowing because it wasn`t dark. The room was lit by a classic-style nightstand lamp beside her bed that was painted over with flowers of white and red from when she was a little girl. Everything in her room was neat and tidy, from her mantle decorated with a dozen or so trophies, ribbons and other awards, to her bookshelf that also held CDs and the magazines that weren`t on her bed, and then to her dresser, where a peeking drawer revealed every individual article of clothing was properly organized, so that she didn`t have to struggle with the question every average teenage girl faced “What am I going to wear today?”.
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Two Little Actions Equal Inseparable Friends
Two Little Actions = Inseparable Friends
    “Cherry! Monica Cherish Woods! Hello? Earth to Cherry!”
    Looking up from her worn-out, five-star notebook, Cherry sees her goth twin sister Violet. She quickly pulls her ear bud out of her ear. “Hey sis'! What's up?”
    Said twin sister gives her clueless but sweet sister the look. “Cherry! It's 7:45! We've gotta catch the bus! Not only that but today's our first day of school! Let's go!” And with that, Violet drags her sister out the door with Cherry grabbing her book bag and precious notebook.
    Just a couple of weeks ago, did the two sisters, Monica Cherish (or 'Cherry' as she was called by her family and family only) Woods and Violet Rose Woods, move to Shield, California with their two brothers – Arthur Scott (preferably 'Scott') and Bonaventure Boyce (preferably 'Boyce'). Within a week of moving to Shield, the twins were enrolled into the local high
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Monica Cherish Woods's outfit by namxlxss Monica Cherish Woods's outfit :iconnamxlxss:namxlxss 0 7



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hello! it's marg (previously known as eomma/엄마) and i'm a 22 y/o with the goal to write and illustrate children's stories as well as write mystery/comedy fiction for older children and young adults.
i'm not very active at the moment due to hitting heavy, heavy writer's block on a couple chaptered stories. i am so sorry; but still, feel free to look at my old poetry and one-shot ideas for my chaptered stories! i appreciate any constructive feedback/criticism!


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